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Current completed projects in Malawi

  • Construction of a school in Balaka, Malawi in 2018
  • Provided 23,000 Tons of Maize during the flooding crisis in 2015
  • Distributed over 75,000 solar powered lights to children in schools, and families in villages with no access to electricity
  • Provided various construction equipment for charitable infrastructure projects in Malawi (Dump trucks, excavators, motor graders)

(Mr. I.Y Saba with The President of Malawi, H.E Dr. Arthur Peter Mutharika delivering emergency food aid.)

(Completed school Hostel project in Balaka, Malawi.)

SABA Foundation, and the rest of the trustees are based in Dubai, UAE and are actively involved in many charitable endeavors around the world, primarily focused across Africa, and Asia.

(A Dump Truck provided to a Non-Profit Organization for 3 months, to help construct their project.)

Need support?

Our organization is always on the lookout for charitable projects that are in need of funding, and/or any other assistance that might be required. Please get in touch with our team by E-mail to see if there is any we may be able to provide support to your organization or charitable cause.