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Area 13

Within the city center of Lilongwe, Saba Limited is developing several commercial properties that once completed will be some of the most state of the art, beautifully designed, and secure properties within the country. We have consulted the best architects and engineers from some of the most prestigious and experienced firms from around the world. The result being that once completed, the buildings that we erect will come to be some of the highest quality buildings in the entire country.

All projects have state of the art security systems, modern sleek design, high quality finishes, as well as ample parking space. Our designs have been done in a way to ensure that all of our tenants demands are met, above and beyond. Offering safe, high quality, modern commercial space, at affordable and competitive rates.

Area 47

Saba Limited is developing a mixed compound of houses, apartments, office buildings, and a commercial complex within Area 47. Our company has involved expert international designing firms to consult on our projects ensuring that only the highest standard and quality of building finishes shall be maintained throughout our entire project. Due to the fact that we are also handling our own contracting, we are able to further control the quality of the buildings that we are going to erect. Construction for our developments are expected to begin in the second or third quarter of 2019.

Expect to see over 250 residential homes, 4 apartment buildings, a shopping complex, several office buildings, as well as several other wonderful community areas including a garden, children’s play area, park, fountain, and much more.